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Each month we reach tens of thousands of Rust Engineers who are actively looking for opportunities. We actively leverage our platform, social media channels and recruitment network to reach the right talent for your hiring needs.
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We are deeply committed to the Rust community. We sponsor events and education. We provide free educational content to newcomers and provide free job posts for entry-level positions. Let's work together to grow the Rust community!
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Coralogix Logo

Our collaboration with Rust Jobs has been exceptional from the outset.

From our initial interaction with Archie, there was a clear dedication to understanding Coralogix in-depth, from our specific technical needs for challenging positions to ensuring candidates also aligned with our company's core values.

The diligence and attention to detail were evident.

Rust Jobs efficiently filled intricate roles across Scala, Rust, and Machine Learning.

Their efforts have substantially contributed to the growth of our global team by bringing in remarkable talent.

Lotan Kessel Profile Picture
Lotan Kessel
Talent Acquisition, Coralogix
Stockly Logo

We have been working with RustJobs and directly with Archie to solve a double challenge:

1. finding top-level talents with strong mathematical and academic backgrounds,

2. finding talents experienced in Rust (which is relatively rare compared to other historical programming languages).

Such talents are extremely rare and require a strong understanding of the market.

Archie brought great value to us through his ability to listen to our needs and tailor his research. He was genuinely interested in understanding both the technical positions with their specificities, as well as comprehending the complexity of the French academic system (e.g. preparatory classes, Grandes Ecoles).

Despite the challenge they never gave up, found us great profiles and it was a genuine pleasure to work with RustJobs!

Louis Mouquet Profile Picture
Louis Mouquet
CEO Associate at Stockly

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