Converting an int to String in Rust

Alex Garella

8th September 2023

Rust offers efficient ways to handle data type conversions. One such common task is converting an integer to a string. Let's dive into how to do this.

Using the to_string Method

Rust's standard library provides the direct method to_string() for this purpose.

fn main() { let num = 42; let num_as_string = num.to_string(); println!("{}", num_as_string); // Outputs: 42 }

The format! Macro: A Flexible Approach

When you need more control over formatting, the format! macro comes in handy.

fn main() { let num = 42; let num_as_string = format!("Number: {}", num); println!("{}", num_as_string); // Outputs: Number: 42 }


With these two straightforward methods, Rust ensures integer-to-string conversions are intuitive and efficient.

Whether you opt for the to_string() method or the format! macro, Rust has you covered.

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